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Eoesnt, did you know that a lot of your favorite celebs don't wear deodorant at all? Perhaps she has recommenced wearing deodorant since post-nursing! According to Elite Daily, he doesn't wear deodorant or cologne which has lead to some complaints from costars.

Celebs who don't wear deodorant

I admit that I'm as guilty as the next person for obsessing over celebrity body care secrets. InStyle published an article on many of her DIY beauty productsincluding her deodorant recipe.

Included in this fragrance purge apparently was leaving the world of deodorants behind. Matthew McConaughey insisted that it's never been a problem for him.

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So, we thought this would be a good time to remind you all about a very important piece of information pertaining to McConaughey's daily life. McConaughey said that he doesn't "like to smell like someone or something else.

Matthew mcconaughey doesnt shower

Deodorant has become a bit of a controversial product over the last few years, with claims of the antiperspirant ingredients like aluminum causing breast cancer which have yet to be confirmed causing some people to opt for natural deodorants as an alternative. November 7, Matthew McConaughey's new film "Interstellar" is out in theaters now. He claims he takes multiple showers a day and brushes his teeth up to five times a day.

Matthew mcconaughey doesnt shower

And he hasn't for over 20 years. The reasoning behind all of this is simple.

Why matthew mcconaughey hasn't worn deodorant in decades

MMatthew his wife Angelina Jolie even said that the kids started calling him "stinky daddy. By Hannah Frazier Caldwell Jan. So while she does technically wear deodorant, it's not the stuff you'd find at the store. To all the celebrities living the deodorant free life, power to you.

A friendly reminder: matthew mcconaughey hasn't worn deodorant in 20 years

He also doesn't wear cologne. Sorry what was that? Maybe it's because we all believe that by following a few simple tricks we too can look like Mcconwughey biggest stars, choosing to ignore the fact that they have personal trainers, facialists, Sex encounters Wall plastic surgeons and definitely photoshop.

No cologne, no deodorant.

Khloe presses Scott for info on why Kourtney's B. I'm sure that Bradley Cooper's natural musk is pretty sexy on its own anyway.

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You don't lie awake at night wondering about celebrities sweating habits? Well color me surprised because there are some juicy details out there. She even says that men should forgo doesjt as mcconaughey and instead just trim their armpit hair to keep the stench at bay. But if you're Lonely women St Agnes are against showers as a whole, maybe these mcconaugheyy should be added to your list of role models.

The sweaty read: doesnt year-old in me who had a matthew in her bathroom, her bedroom, her backpack, and her school locker can't even fathom that some humans would choose to not wear that sweet smelling stick but alas, they exist.

Matthew mcconaughey doesnt shower

But I think I'll stick with my powder fresh underarm bliss. News that she hasn't worn deodorant for almost 20 yearsclaiming that wearing antiperspirant is what makes us smell in the first place.

Stars with the worst personal hygiene

I still refuse to believe she smells like anything but sugar dipped roses. According to the Huffington Post, when asked if she used natural deodorants in an interview with Oprah the star revealed that she has never been a big deodorant user.

Though, this is not to say that McConaughey is unhygienic.

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